Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Bryan Responds

When I posted about my daughter Shelby's boat-building project at school, I googled Harry Bryan and found his website. He's the designer, builder, and author of the Wooden Boat articles the teacher used.

Since Harry's website is very basic and doesn't list an email address, I figured he probably has limited Internet access. So I printed out a copy of the post (over 20 pages with photos!) and mailed it to him. Or tried to. Imagine my surprise when the lady at the Post Office told me they weren't accepting mail for Canada due to a postal strike.

I kept an eye on the news, and once the strike ended, I sent it off. Then this morning I was tickled pink to get this email:
Dear Mr. Branam,

Thank you for sending the account of the first phase of building the "Daisy" skiff.  It looks like a good job.  My own "Daisy" prototype (1991) is in the cove below the house.  She has never leaked at all (something to keep in mind when you feel that the laminated bottom is taking forever).

Thanks, too for using the mail as downloading pictures on this dial-up system takes forever.


And thank you, Harry, that makes a great personal connection for the kids who worked on it.

I showed it to Shelby, and she said, "That's really cool! You should forward it to Mr. Smith!" Done, sweetie!

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