Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event At FIM 2015

The Lie-Nielsen tools on display and available to try out.

Last Friday and Saturday, December 4th and 5th, was another great Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at Phil Lowe's Furniture Institute of Massachusetts.

The front room was the main LN display. The back room had additional demonstrators:

Visitors trying out the tools. LN staff member Roger Benton is at the back bench.

Danielle and Deneb manning the register.

They had this lovely toolchest next to the planing bench.

Outside, Paul Lelito demonstrated custom milling of a pine log on his portable Wood Miser bandsaw mill. He milled both flatsawn and quartersawn pieces. This lumber is available for purchase at FIM.

Paul operating the mill.

The bandsaw travels down the log cutting a precise slab.

John Cameron with his Krenov-style handplanes. He teaches a class in making these.

The setup in the back machine room.

Tico Vogt with his Superchute shooting board.

Peter Follansbee demonstrating green spoon carving.

Matt Cianci sharpening a handsaw.

Freddy Roman demonstrating Federal inlay techniques.

Joseph Karagezian demonstrating reupholstering an old wing chair.

Like the last event in November, I was promoting my Popular Woodworking University online video course Intro To Hand Tools. I also had my violin-making items.

Once again, this proved to be a great combination for engaging people. I gave several demos of sharpening and dovetailing, and went over the violin-making process with a number of people. Hopefully by the next event I'll have more progress to show with the luthiery practice pieces.