Sunday, January 20, 2013

December GNHW Demo At Woodcraft

The main workbench with tools laid out for people to use. Additional tools are spread out on my portable workbench to the side. All photos by Dave Michaels.

Time for a little catch-up from December. On the 8th, I did another demo day at the Portsmouth, NH Woodcraft store for the Guild Of New Hampshire Woodworkers, like the one I did in November. Fellow member Dave Michaels joined me to talk about Guild membership and take photos.

Several people came in specifically to watch the demo and stayed the whole 3 hours as I went through a variety of different topics, letting them try out the tools. A few others who happened to come in during the afternoon also joined us.

Using a Lie-Nielsen #7 plane on the shooting board to square up the end of a piece.

Sharpening a chisel at my portable sharpening station on the side bench.

Using the #7 to joint the edge of a board.

Using a Stanley #5 plane with cambered iron to rough down the surface of a board, traversing across the grain.

Using a Lie-Nielsen spokeshave to shape a board, making a variety of curls.

Using a freshly-sharpened scraper.

One gentleman who came in later mentioned that he was working on a project that required mortise and tenon joints, which he had never done before, so I demonstrated how to do one.

It was another fun day, and hopefully we encouraged a few people to join the Guild (you don't have to live in New Hampshire). Note that other Guild members will be doing additional demos on various second Saturdays of each month.

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