Friday, September 6, 2013

September 21 Weekend Events

Friday and Saturday, September 20th and 21st, are busy this year here in New England. There are several events worth attending if you're in the area; you'll just have to make the hard choice of which one to go to!

First, I'll be representing the Society of American Period Furniture Makers on Saturday at Bob Van Dyke's Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking in Manchester, CT. I'll be doing hand tool demonstrations at the school's combined Open House and Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event. The entire event runs Friday and Saturday.

CVSW offers a fantastic lineup of classes from a fantastic lineup of instructors. This is a chance to see the school, meet some of the instructors, see other demonstrators and vendors, and try out the full line of LN tools, some of the finest hand tools currently made. In addition, Saturday includes over 18 tables of antique tools for sale.

SAPFM co-founder Mickey Callahan and SAPFM Cartouche Award winner Will Neptune, both CVSW instructors, will be there. To give you an idea of what the Cartouche Award means, that's something I might hope to achieve after 20 more years of active woodworking.

Mike Pekovich and Matt Kenney of Fine Woodworking magazine will be there, as well as Tico VogtMatt Cianci, and Bill Rittner, among others.

Second, Phil Lowe and Freddy Roman will be holding the first meeting of a free 6-part furniture project series for the SAPFM New England Chapter at Phil's Furniture Institute of Massachusetts on Saturday starting at 9. The project is a Seymour night stand. Contact Freddy at for more information.

Third, the annual Fall Live Free or Die Antique Tool Auction runs Friday and Saturday at the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH. This is the premier antique tool sale in the area. In addition to the auction inside, the parking lot is crammed with vendors featuring an amazing selection of tools. The prices range from a few dollars into the thousands. Early morning is the best time.

Fourth, the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers Annual Meeting is in Bow, NH. This year their featured speaker is Jon Binzen, Fine Woodworking Senior Editor. Like SAPFM, GNHW is an excellent resource for woodworkers of all skill levels, professional and amateur. They have a number of interest groups that hold regular meetings and presentations.

Membership in both SAPFM and GNHW is very reasonable, and both offer excellent member publications as well as access to great information, people, and events.

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