Monday, February 15, 2010

My Roubo, part 15

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The sliding deadman has a gentle hourglass shape. I laid this out with a bowed ruler, then cut it out by kerfing and chiseling. I have the parts for a Gramercy turning saw, but I haven't built it yet.

This is a little easier to handle than rigging up a 4'-long beam compass.

Cutting regularly-spaced kerfs to the curve, staying just above the final cut line.

Chiseling the steps. Reminds me of introductory calculus, find the area under the curve as the limit of dx approaches zero. Just need to be sure to always chisel downslope on the grain.

Fairing the curve with a convex spokeshave. This removed the saw and chisel marks, but left chatter marks.

Rasping out the chatter marks.

The scraper brought it down to final smoothness.

I chamfered the edges with the spokeshave and scraper.

Boring the holdfast holes.

And that was that! I slipped the deadman into place and the workbench was complete! Right?

But then I had a brainstorm. A removable crochet...

One of the 23 known woodworking puns:

Bench dog, large.

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  1. the benchdog is awesome! greetings from my benchdog, we both love your workbench :)


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