Friday, September 9, 2011

Littleton, MA Class Registration Now Open

The fall class series I'll be teaching Monday nights in Littleton, MA, through the Parks, Recreation, and Community Education Department, is now open for registration at their website. Click on the 2011 FALL Brochure on the left side of the page.

This series covers what I like to call the "basic basics", to prepare you for more advanced instruction from the fine professional woodworkers in the area. Because I realize it's hard for people to commit to an entire 9-week series, I've broken it into a set of distinct classes. You can pick among individual classes, or sign up for the whole series at a discount. Thanks to the folks at the department for putting up with the extra bookkeeping and paperwork!

You can read more at Hand Tool Instruction. Here's the description from the brochure:
Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking
“Ever wonder how our predecessors built homes and furniture 100 or 200 years ago? Learn the basics of hand tool woodworking in the tra- dition of the English joiner and cabinetmaker. Students will be intro- duced to the tools and techniques necessary to turn lumber into finished furniture or cabinetry without power. This includes selection and care of tools (including the critical skill of sharpening), stock preparation, and fine joinery. A range of modern and antique hand tools will be available for use, or students may bring their own. Locally milled soft- wood materials will be available for hands-on practice (sufficient for multiple classes, $15 materials fee payable to instructor). This class will also prepare students for more advanced classes such as chair- making. Instructor: STEVE BRANAM is a local woodworking hobby- ist. Visit Steve’s blog post at 2011-class-intro-hand-tool.html.”.
10/3: Sharpening: Planes, Chisels, & Saws  #405001A 
10/17: Using Hand Saws  #405001B 
10/24: Using Bench Planes  #405001C 
10/31: Stock Preparation with Saws &Planes  #405001D
11/7: Using Chisels  #405001E
11/14: Using Specialty planes  #405001F
11/21: Using Hand Drills  #405001G
11/28: Making Mortise & Tenon Joints  #405001H
12/5: Making Through-Dovetail Joints  #405001I
Register for each class individually @
$20/class/R | $23/class/NR
($15 materials fee payable to instructor sufficient for one or multiple classes)
Save $$$ and register for all 9 classes
$135/R | $138/NR #405001Z Location: Art Room, Littleton High School

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